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Twitter Bootstrap and Debugging it

I very rarely get chance to blog these days as I am so busy, but on my travels through code over the last few years I have discovered many bits of useful info for working with Twitter’s prolific css framework, Bootstrap.

I have seen Bootstrap be upgraded a couple of times and soon Bootstrap 4 will be available also.

Bootstrap has a learning curve which is not too steep, however finding the correct way of doing things in Bootstrap without constant referring to the manual can be a bit daunting. Those who are used to CSS mobile-first grid systems will find it easier, however wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see what kind of errors there were in the browser console as we went along!

Well, Bootlint has solved that problem!

“Bootlint checks that instances of Bootstrap components have correctly-structured HTML.”

Here’s a couple of screenshots.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.08.27

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.08.52

Useful huh?

Coming soon: Advice on the process of upgrading bootstrap within your Joomla template.

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blog is back

Hello, my blog is back after successfully moving to a new server. I had to remove all the comments though due to some spam problems. Hopefully I will start paying more attention to this blog and updating it more regularly soon. It’s been a busy time!

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back in business and fooling with iOS

Finally got my blog working again after a bit of messing about with the database. I am starting my first iOS project now (call me late but i’ve been doing print graphics) and have got to grips with the framework now.

If you are thinking of working with iOS i found a great HCI guideline for designing your app here:

Apple UE Best Practices for IOS

It may help to be a registered Apple iOS developer in order to get the development tools and extra software, so connect your Apple id to the dev centre on the Apple site.

There is an iPad simulator for testing your apps which I found over at make use of.



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Still Here


Apoligies for the recent lack of posts. I have been very busy with projects! Have you seen the latest Depthcore? Its wonderful…….

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Opera has slow typing on the Mac

Well I admit it, I’m a massive fan of Opera and always have been. Even when you had to buy Opera I was happy to purchase a copy simply because of the good quality. When I last updated to 10.61, however, on my mac I noticed that a problem appeared where typing into text boxes of any kind became unbearably slow. Unfortunately this has not been fixed yet – and I hope it will soon. For those of you that are willing to go back to version 10.5 – 10.54 then this is not a problem.

opera web browser

The only current solution is to go back to the old version, which I have just done. I will update this post when Opera make a bugfix, but in the meantime I hope this is useful information as there is very little about this error on the net.

Here’s a link to a potentially useful forum post on the subject.

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The Child is the Father of the Man

I have been doing a lot of experimenting with the thematic wordpress framework recently. I really enjoy working with it as it does make hacking templates a lot easier – and provides a clean slate for styling.

The thematic documentation is sadly lacking, those with bigger balls will look at the code and do thousands of internet searches to find the answers to their questions – however many simply give up; (only to return later when they have no joy hacking a nasty free template).

Overriding templates and functions is the basis of creating a thematic child theme. I have searched many websites and finally found a really good source of information on the correct way of doing this. So here it is, thanks venutip :)

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web 2.0 hell? new colourLovers

Does anyone remember the old COLOURlovers web site? Coz it was beautiful. Nice delicate gradients, an intuitive moving menu, enough style to make a graphic designer happy – yet enough ease of use for a newbie to computers. So why fix it if it’s not broke? Thoughts anyone?

colour lovers

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Traa Dy Liooar

On the Isle of Man the pace of life is certainly more relaxed than say London. There is a noticeable difference between the speed in which a Londoner speaks at, compared to that of a Manxie. I for one love the relaxed pace, and certainly the more relaxed way of speaking – but how does this work out in business? The BBC published an article way back in April 2008 about this difference in pace of life.

port erin beach at sunset

port erin beach at sunset

I have noticed that on the Isle of Man, especially for a freelancer, business deals take a long time. Sometimes you hear of “I need a website, can you help” and then a gap of around 3 months before you hear anything else. Sometimes there is no follow up conversation at all. Meetings can be arranged, only to be delayed by people who don’t show up.

What are your experiences of working on the Isle of Man? Can you agree with the statements above?

Traa Dy Liooar is “time enough” in Manx

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Quick Break of the Silence

Hi kids :) I’m currently very busy working and won’t have time to blog until next week or the week after. I shall have plenty to talk about so keep checking for updates in the near future!

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Mannifest :: Music and Film Garden Party
Kosheen + Easty Star All Stars get to mix with some of the local talent from this very creative and wonderfully musical island!

Show ur support guys an buy some tickets :)

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