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Twitter Bootstrap and Debugging it

I very rarely get chance to blog these days as I am so busy, but on my travels through code over the last few years I have discovered many bits of useful info for working with Twitter’s prolific css framework, Bootstrap.

I have seen Bootstrap be upgraded a couple of times and soon Bootstrap 4 will be available also.

Bootstrap has a learning curve which is not too steep, however finding the correct way of doing things in Bootstrap without constant referring to the manual can be a bit daunting. Those who are used to CSS mobile-first grid systems will find it easier, however wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see what kind of errors there were in the browser console as we went along!

Well, Bootlint has solved that problem!

“Bootlint checks that instances of Bootstrap components have correctly-structured HTML.”

Here’s a couple of screenshots.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.08.27

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.08.52

Useful huh?

Coming soon: Advice on the process of upgrading bootstrap within your Joomla template.

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back in business and fooling with iOS

Finally got my blog working again after a bit of messing about with the database. I am starting my first iOS project now (call me late but i’ve been doing print graphics) and have got to grips with the framework now.

If you are thinking of working with iOS i found a great HCI guideline for designing your app here:

Apple UE Best Practices for IOS

It may help to be a registered Apple iOS developer in order to get the development tools and extra software, so connect your Apple id to the dev centre on the Apple site.

There is an iPad simulator for testing your apps which I found over at make use of.



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The Child is the Father of the Man

I have been doing a lot of experimenting with the thematic wordpress framework recently. I really enjoy working with it as it does make hacking templates a lot easier – and provides a clean slate for styling.

The thematic documentation is sadly lacking, those with bigger balls will look at the code and do thousands of internet searches to find the answers to their questions – however many simply give up; (only to return later when they have no joy hacking a nasty free template).

Overriding templates and functions is the basis of creating a thematic child theme. I have searched many websites and finally found a really good source of information on the correct way of doing this. So here it is, thanks venutip :)

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Photoshop Tool Shortcuts


Photoshop ninja posted a list of all the tool shortcuts for PS. Hope this is some use to you :)

Photoshop Ninja Tool Shortcuts

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What happens when a search engine updates?

Search engines have to update too – they update their algorithms and refresh their data.

How does this affect us though? People with websites need to keep updated with search engines and their current dataset.

gogle logo slightly altered

Here is a useful tool on ‘SEO Chat’ to check to see if a search engine is currently being updated:

“SEO Tools – Multiple Data Center Google Search

This tool searches for your keyword/phrase in different Google data centers. There are many different Google data centers. Each of these may respond with different results for the same search query. If you see results that vary from data center to data center, it means that Google is in the process of updating its index.”

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Clearing Your VS.Net 2.0 Start Page

Sometimes you create a project by mistake and need to delete it. However, when you delete it the start page does not recognise that the project has been deleted yet.

This can be rather annoying, so I searched the internet for something which would help.

I discovered this useful tool which does the job perfectly:

Hope this is useful to you =)

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