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Photography in the dark

A good friend of mine put me on to this guy Dean Chamberlain, website link. He is a talented photographer who takes photographs in the dark. Both the subject and the photographer are in the dark… and yet these amazing photographs are the result. Everything you see is down to manipulation with the exposure itself.

“Dean Chamberlain developed his light painting technique, which involves working with his camera and subject in completely dark spaces, in 1977. These images are created entirely in the camera, with no computer manipulation. Using extremely long exposures in sessions that often extend to four or five hours, he moves through the composition space with a flashlight and colored gels, illuminating each individual element, not so much photographing a moment but painting with light through time and space.” These are the comments which my friend posted to me with the link. As soon as I have a source I will post it.


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Put graphics section back – will add more recent images soon..
cosmic penguin, personal website of Zoe Barrow

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Web design on the Isle of Man

Well, there is obviously much you can say about the web design on the isle of man. Mainly that it’s terrible. So, I set out for a challenge… I am going to make this post a list of the good web designs on the Isle of Man, afterall – it can’t be *that* bad, surely?

So, in no particular order:

Pretty pretty: Satsu
Nice and clean, good charts and logo: The PDMS Foundations website.
iom tt
Not the most cutting edge of designs but very easy to find information and the database is perfect for bike geeks: iomtt
iom bus and rail
Does it’s job perfectly: iombusandrail
stam packet
We hate their prices, but they do have a fairly pretty site: Isle of Man Steam Packet Company
virtual iom
360 degree views of The Isle of Man: Virtual IOM
Useful info for the curious: Tynwald
visit isle of man
Plenty of tourist info and it doesnt look too shabby either: Visit IOM
isle of man advertising
Fresh: Isle of Man Advertising
isle of man landscapes
Ok forget the web design, this is only because the photographs are soo good: Isle of Man Landscapes
solus strategic
Something more smoothe: Solus Strategic
arts interactive
Currently rebranding like myself, but this will be nice :]:Arts Interactive

Well that’s a list of 12, before I got bored trawling through google. It seems like Manx websites also need to optimise their websites for search engines a lot better too.

There is some quality work to be seen in the list. I would like to see much more of this, and even better stuff still, and…. if you would like a website designing then please contact me ;-) we need to improve the Island’s image!

Well… did I miss anyone from the list?

Let me know if you discover a great manx web design.

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Awesome Northern Lights Pictures

I found these really awe inspiring pictures of the northern lights – well worth a look..

Flickr Profile
Northern lights album

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old machines: a love story

“I was riding down Figueroa street, rolling down a decent grade through Highland Park when I saw it, at the top of the Highland Strip. It was an old route 66 storefront, with 1940′s vintage business signage painted directly onto the brick: US OFFICE MACHINE. Let us be your typewriter repair center.”

full story: a love story about the typewriter

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Bloatware: iTunes annoying assumption that you use an iPod and iPhone

The following is intended for those using iTunes on a Windows system

If you open process explorer (or if you arnt that technically minded then task manager) you will see two extra processes running for iTunes that are not necessary if you don’t have any apple hardware. You will also see the latest ‘Advertising’ processes running.

Well i have discovered a version of ‘iTunes lite’. A nice fellow called ‘jimmsta’ over at the BHT project (a GNU collection of anti-spyware tools which has now been superceded with BootZilla) website has removed these ‘hardware services’ for iPod and iPhone and released the rest of iTunes.

Obviously he did not remove the new and annoying advertising/sharing service – however, you can uninstall Bonjour (mDSNResponder.exe)in add/remove programs and although iTunes gives you a warning message – it still works. In this same way you can also uninstall iPod service – but if you would rather not install all this stuff in the first place then download iTunes lite.

I don’t use iTunes to go shopping – i use it to listen to music. And if iTunes gets any more bloated in future releases i will be switching to something else – something on sourceforge probably :)

iTunes Lite – get it here! If the link disappears for this site – i will mirror it… let me know.

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Piracy… reproduction…

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Playing the Crystal Glass

Musical Crystal Glasses Like Never Before

Speaks for itself really…

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