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Mapping the Palestinian Web has been mapping the political boundaries of the internet for 10 years. They are particularly interested in .gov, .com and .org and the social geography of the internet. Based in Amsterdam, they have written books and won awards on the subject.

Their latest project has mapped out the Palestinian web, (.ps), It was featured in Infosthetics last Friday.

We like to believe that the internet is a place of no boundaries; but it becomes very clear that this is not the case when we look at information such as this – and begin to wonder what our own political & social network looks like in Europe & America.

Our connetions across the web are mainly down to our ability to find information in the first place; which brings me to another rather interesting map featured on’s website which shows what happened when Google apparently removed a website from it’s search engine listings back in 2007.

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Google friendly sitemap software

“Implementing sitemaps is a good choice if you want your website to rank higher as Googles coverage of the web grows. Because Google indexes websites in cycles, it would previously have been normal for updated pages to be indexed after anything up to a few days. By making a Google Sitemap-formatted file available on your Web server, you will be making sure that your entire website is indexed at one go.

Diadematus for Google is a premium sitemap application made by MediaCET. Diadmatus is used to spider websites and build a complete XML sitemap index based on the Google recommendations, so that it can be read and indexed by the Google search engine.”

Download Diadematus for Google – Freeware

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