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Sharing a ride! A new initiative on the Isle of Man

I sat in the rain, in the bus shelter on Douglas promenade waiting for a bus to work. The bus was late as usual. I couldnt help but notice the amount of cars, literally a queue two miles long, and 99.9% of the cars had only 1 person inside.

We all appreciate the idea that sharing a car can save money and “reduce your carbon footprint” but how do you meet people that are willing to share their car with you?

Well a new website aims to solve that problem by allowing users to search for potential car-shares between all the major Manx towns.

Here is the link:

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saw this and it made me giggle…

Grafitti Joke


And while on the subject of street art – check this guys pixels out!

INVADER- Binary Code Street Art- Part 1 from Daniel Lahoda on Vimeo.

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