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The power of fun! Performing arts website goes live :)

From stilt walking, to fire shows, to workshops for kids Mike and Jo really know how to get a party going! With the launch of their site: you can now contact them and hire their services for your party.

Street performers have always been a great way to liven up any event from corporate events, to kids parties; and its really amazing just how many different talents these two have. They can teach you how to dance, how to pogo, how to make balloons and even throw some fire around.

Check out their many talents here.


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@£# on a Mac

Hi there!

I found a really great article explaining how to set up your mac for a traditional British (windows) keyboard. It seems even the British keyboard which is included with the OS is missing the all important hash key. I’m not sure how a web developer is to survive without this one!

Heres a link to the instructions on how to fix the problem: Using a British/UK Windows keyboard with an Apple Mac in OS X (3)

Once you have switched to this keyboard, shift3 becomes £, shift 2 becomes “, shift ‘ becomes @, and becomes #.


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