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Traa Dy Liooar

On the Isle of Man the pace of life is certainly more relaxed than say London. There is a noticeable difference between the speed in which a Londoner speaks at, compared to that of a Manxie. I for one love the relaxed pace, and certainly the more relaxed way of speaking – but how does this work out in business? The BBC published an article way back in April 2008 about this difference in pace of life.

port erin beach at sunset

port erin beach at sunset

I have noticed that on the Isle of Man, especially for a freelancer, business deals take a long time. Sometimes you hear of “I need a website, can you help” and then a gap of around 3 months before you hear anything else. Sometimes there is no follow up conversation at all. Meetings can be arranged, only to be delayed by people who don’t show up.

What are your experiences of working on the Isle of Man? Can you agree with the statements above?

Traa Dy Liooar is “time enough” in Manx

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