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Hi! I’m ZoĆ«, I’m a freelance digital designer. I have been working as a designer and developer for 17 years; initially in programming and web development moving further and further into pure graphics and animation along the way. This blog is designed to be a place where I can save useful information and hopefully pass some on.

I enjoy new and innovative projects, stuff that is outside the box and experimental. I am more inclined to lean on my intuition and experience than to sit and plan stuff for hours and to stick to the traditional path. That’s not to say I am a rebel for a rebel’s sake; I will follow the established path if it is the best option to take. I am just more divergent in my thinking and will spot if there is a better way of doing something. I am a problem solver but I am also free spirited and creative. I am good at modernising systems and re-designing.

In my spare time I am pretty active. I enjoy needlework, street performing (fire poi), making and DJing music, making computer games and animations, and I am a gamer :]






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