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Opera has slow typing on the Mac

Well I admit it, I’m a massive fan of Opera and always have been. Even when you had to buy Opera I was happy to purchase a copy simply because of the good quality. When I last updated to 10.61, however, on my mac I noticed that a problem appeared where typing into text boxes of any kind became unbearably slow. Unfortunately this has not been fixed yet – and I hope it will soon. For those of you that are willing to go back to version 10.5 – 10.54 then this is not a problem.

opera web browser

The only current solution is to go back to the old version, which I have just done. I will update this post when Opera make a bugfix, but in the meantime I hope this is useful information as there is very little about this error on the net.

Here’s a link to a potentially useful forum post on the subject.

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Posted in Browsers, Opera, Software · August 18th, 2010 · Comments (1)